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2022 HABs Week 9 Results

10/02/2022 9:11 PM | Deanna Fello (Administrator)

Observation Dates: Thru 10/02/2022
% Zones Monitored: 40.5%
Suspicious Blooms:  6
Confirmed Blooms:  5

Last week Seneca Lake had blooms on Friday, September 30th. In total we confirmed five blooms from the Geneva lakefront and along the northeast shoreline. In addition, there was another report that cannot be confirmed because there were no photos. Canandaigua Lake saw blooms the same day. 

This week is the last official week of the HAB shoreline survey season although volunteers will continue to monitor through the month of October. As many will remember, we had a very large bloom last October 6th and a few smaller ones later in the month.

Blooms are unpredictable, so we urge everyone to know what blooms look like and check the water before going in or allowing pets to go in.

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