Lake Stewards understand their own water use, catchment, conservation, water quality,

and other important water related areas. They look for ways to practice lake friendly living through

advanced gardening and land management practices. These practices include and go beyond those

at the Pledge level. They may be larger projects that require more expertise and resources.

Lake Stewards engage in these meaningful individual actions and also

collective actions that benefit people and nature.

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We encourage you to download our Lake Friendly Living Guide. The guide provides you with simple steps and

additional advanced projects to practice lake friendly living.  You may want to download and print the pledge

card too.  You can post the pledge card  in your home so that other household members can review and

participate. Thank you for your pledge! 


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Capture and Infiltrate

Capture & infiltrate pollutant-

carrying runoff before it reaches the lake 

Advanced Practices

Landscape management


Capture and Infiltrate

Install a Rain Barrel

Advanced Practices

Increase Permeable Surfaces

Capture and Infiltrate

Plant a Rain Garden

Advanced Practices

Minimize Erosion with New Construction

Advanced Practices

Lakeshore Owners - Minimize Erosion, Install a Buffer

Advanced Practices

Responsible Aquatic Plant Treatment

Five counties are located in the Seneca Lake watershed. 

Eat county offers helpful resources through its Soil and Water

Conservation District and in collaboration with the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Cornell Cooperative Extension

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